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From the very beginning of its existence, the baccarat game was popular among the representatives of the highest society. The rules of this enthralling game are quite simple, and the outcome of the dealing of cards depends mostly on the punter’s luck. Today, with the appearance of virtual gambling houses, this kind of gambling entertainment has become more accessible.

The name of the baccarat casino game is translated from French as “card game,” while in Italian, the same word means “zero.” The essence of this gambling game lies in that the participants try to score the number of points closest to 9 with the help of 2-3 cards.

Baccarat: Game Rules 

Whether you are pushing your luck at baccarat online or playing this captivating game at any real-life gambling institution, the rules are identical. The game uses 6 standard decks of cards, 52 cards each, with a total of 312 cards. There are only three types of bets in. Their size varies depending on the limits of the table you choose to play: standard, high, and VIP. The described stakes are placed on three sectors on the table.

No matter if you play free baccarat on the web or in the comfort and luxury of a land-based casino, there are three types of bets involved, placed on the three sectors on the table:

  • on the player’s victory (Player); 
  • on the dealer’s victory (Bank); 
  • on a draw (Tie).

Each player is dealt with two cards, and the first person to score 9 points from the first-hand wins. Such a combo is called “natural.” With this, the suit of cards is not taken into consideration, and the game ends.

If the “natural hand” does not work out for either the dealer or the gambler, then the decision is made to issue a third card. The conditions on which the card is dealt to the banker and the player vary depending on the situation.

When you play baccarat and get an amount of a dozen or more points, 10 is deducted from it.

The third card rule applies if the number of points the player gets is less than 5 and if the dealer does not have a “natural 9.” The banker takes the third card when he/she has no more than four or five points, depending on the punter’s cards. In online baccarat and its brick-and-mortar version, the bet on the participant, who will collect the most points, wins. If both the dealer and the player have the same number of points, the Tie bet is played.

The goal of the baccarat casino game is to make a stake on the hand that gets 9 points first after the hand is dealt. Optionally, a hand worth 8 points is allowed provided that other participants do not have 9. In essence, you are betting on a gambler or banker – not on the win, but the odds.

Playing Baccarat at Casino: Online or Land-Based?

If you are a novice bettor and just want to play baccarat online for the first time, you should do so at the virtual casino. In such a case, you won’t have to learn rules by heart, which may seem difficult at first.

Free Play Baccarat Original Art

Even if you are a sophisticated baccarat player, you will probably agree with such a positive feature of web-based gambling establishments as the exclusion of the human factor. The dealer is still a human being, and he/she is not immune to mistakes. Mind that, when you check out free online baccarat, the system won’t be able to violate the rules of cards’ distribution or payouts. 

Otherwise, the RNG-equipped program is identical to the random shuffling of cards, and in some cases, the transparency of “machine shuffling” is even more significant. Compared to the situation when you happened to get to the table of an inexperienced dealer, who does not mix the cards well, free baccarat online seems the most favourable option possible.

Where to Play Free Baccarat

The majority of the reputable Internet-based casinos allow their clients to try their hand at free baccarat in a test mode. The main point is to pay attention to when choosing a gambling resource where you are planning to play baccarat online for free is the age of the casino and the reviews of its former or regular visitors. 

Online Baccarat: Winning Strategy

One of the most efficient strategies for playing baccarat for real money and fetching a decent prize is the one called “1-3-2-6.” It is incredibly simple, and even novice gamblers can get their heads around it.

This winning strategy in baccarat free game gets its name based on the number of units that need to be placed in four consecutive rounds. In practice, the “1-3-2-6” scheme should be applied in the following way:

  1. In the first round, make a bet of 1 dollar. In the case of winning, you will have a clear profit of 1 dollar.
  2. In the second round, increase the stake according to the strategy and place 3 dollars. If you win again, your profit will be 6 dollars.
  3. In the third round, place a bid of $2, still adhering to the scheme. If you are lucky once again, your profit will be $4.
  4. Finally, in the fourth round of the online baccarat free session, increase the bet amount to 6 dollars. If you win, you will get 12 dollars in total so that the net profit will be 10 dollars.
  5. If you lose during any of the first four rounds, stop following the sequence and start from the beginning – that is, with a bet of $1.

It is worth mentioning that this strategy for winning at baccarat is intended primarily for the bankroll management of the punters themselves. 


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