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According to the current statistics on virtual gambling, card games are no less popular than video slots. Traditionally, such a captivating card game as blackjack is considered one of the biggest favourites of the lovers of gambling entertainment in the world. Each modern land-based casino offers its visitors several tables for playing blackjack. And in the era of high technologies, such a thing as online blackjack was simply unavoidable. Rules that are easy enough to remember, high speed of the game process and simple strategies for counting cards allowed this gambling activity to win myriads of venturesome fans. 

Besides, to play blackjack online is easier and more enjoyable than at a table in any brick-and-mortar gambling house.

Online Blackjack Rules

Before any novice gambler starts searching for free blackjack games for fun on the web, it is crucial to get the breakdown of its rather comprehensive rules. 

The blackjack player’s objective is to collect the number of points from the cards dealt as close as possible to 21 points, but no more than that. When enjoying blackjack online, the gamer is endowed with a unique opportunity to play the game at several “tables” simultaneously. And it is impossible to do so at any real-life casino! Hence, the majority of avid punters who are eager to push their luck at free blackjack games or pursue money prizes at a realm of online gambling institutions.

As it was already mentioned, each player strives to obtain 21 points in the hand or the number closest to this figure. However, there is also a risk of gaining more points, and thus, losing. Yet, in fact, the primary goal of every free black jack game or a session played for real money is to beat the casino dealer. 

As for the rules of this exciting game, casino blackjack is played with a different number of cards, which contain from a single to eight decks. The more cards there are in the hand, the smaller the gambler’s advantage is. The cards are shuffled for a new hand when one-third of the original number remains in the total deck. Thus, if only one deck is involved in dealing, the playing cards are shuffled after each round. If there are eight decks of cards in the playing deck, the dealer roughly determines a third and mixes the cards that have already been played with the remaining ones.

At the same time, points are scored in accordance with the rules of this engaging game as follows: “numbered” cards correspond to their face value, Ace – 1 or 11 points (if the total number is not higher than 21), and all “pictured” cards are equal to 10 points.

Choosing a Casino to Play a Free Blackjack Game

For the present, a vast number of Internet-based gambling resources offer to play blackjack online for free or for money. However, if you are determined to make a real-money bet in this gambling game, it makes sense to pay close attention to the issues of fraud and security among gaming establishments. 

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Choosing a reputable virtual casino providing its visitors with the chance of trying their luck at black jack online is not difficult. Firstly, you should pay attention to the various reviews of experienced players, especially those where the words are supported by screenshots of the recently made payments. Secondly, keep in mind that a well-established gaming resource cannot emerge yesterday or a month ago. The long period of the successful operation of any gambling institution positively contributes to the trustworthiness and reliability of the online casino. Thirdly, you should play online black jack at popular platforms. A large number of clients investing their money into a specific gambling house is the indicator of the establishment’s solvency. 

Playing Blackjack Online for Free: Advantages

Let’s once again look through the benefits of playing blackjack online for fun or for profit:

  • Ability to play at several “tables” at once;
  • Rapid gameplay and user-friendly interface;
  • Opportunity to enjoy the game in a comfortable environment;
  • Decent chances of winning;
  • Possibility to play blackjack for free or for cash at any time, day or night.

Blackjack Free Winning Tips

In order to gain profit from dedicating your time and effort to free blackjack game, you need to calculate your own strategy for how to beat the dealer. There are at least a couple of proven tactics for how to win at blackjack.

First, you should always count your own points, without taking into account the card opened by the dealer. Only your own intuition and calculation will allow you to foresee possible developments. 

Secondly, nowadays, there are plenty of computer programs allowing punters to play the right number of hands to acquire decent skills in the game. 


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