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Review Of Roulette In Canada

Among the host of gambling games, roulette appears to be an incredibly engaging and thrilling one as here, all depends on how lucky you are. Those who want to play roulette should first familiarize themselves with its main rule, which is to guess on which of the sectors numbered from 1 to 36 (and zero) the ball launched in a circle will land. From the perspective of those who have never played online roulette or its original, real-life version, it may seem that the rules here are elementary – you name a number or a colour, then the wheel rotates, and then you win or not. It is not a highly accurate representation of this ancient game, because there are many varieties of it. Actually, roulette was introduced quite a long time ago, back in the Renaissance. The first mention of roulette came from France when it was invented there in 1655. The original gambling game had 40 slots and 2 zeros.

To date, a lot of avid gamblers play roulette for fun, which makes it incredibly popular amongst the punters throughout the world. Probably even the gamers who are far from the expert level of gambling have heard something about its rules since almost any virtual casino offers various roulettes for free. 

A plethora of web-based gambling houses endows its visitors with the chance to practice playing roulette for free in demo mode. At the same time, the player has the opportunity to get the hang of its rules and peculiarities of the game process, check out fascinating winning tips, and become more confident when pushing their luck at this enthralling game. The advantage of the free test option is that you exclude any risks of losing your money.

Online Roulette Variations

In a galore of casinos existing on the Internet, you can find dozens of variants of roulette – 3D, Mini, No Zero, classic with additional rules, etc. Yet, it is possible to distinguish only three main types:

  1. European. This variation of the roulette game is the most popular about venturesome players. It represents a traditional version, which is worth focusing on if you are only getting acquainted with this casino game. The standard rules of playing roulette at the casino apply, and it is often allowed to place the so-called verbal bets. The casino margin is 2.7%, while the theoretical return is 97.3%, which is higher than in most slots.
  2. French. The table layout in this variant is a bit different, and the participants use terminology in French. A special rule is available, which reduces the mathematical superiority of the gaming institution by half, that is, up to 1.35%. In this case, a free roulette game is more profitable for the punter, but gambling establishments may impose additional restrictions.
  3. American. Those who wish to try their luck at American roulette online for free should keep in mind its key feature – a double zero. It increases the gambling institution’s advantage to 5.26%. The additional sector also makes it possible to place specific types of bets – on double zero. There is usually no possibility for verbal bets. The theoretical return here is 94.74%.

In brick-and-mortar gambling institutions, American roulette is played with coloured chips, which facilitates the process of paying out winnings. The nominal value is set at the player’s request – the dealer writes it on the chip. In European land-based casinos, standard chips are used, the nominal value is determined at the cash desk of a particular establishment.

Where you play roulette online or make bets in the real-life casinos, the essence of the game remains practically unchanged. The game includes a table with a table for placing chips and a rotating wheel. The table may also have a unique layout or a track for verbal bets. The wheel has red and black sectors with numbers from 1 to 36, as well as one or two zeros (0, 00) against a green background. 

Playing Roulette Online: Distinctive Features

A distinctive peculiarity of a virtual casino offering you to play roulette online free of charge is the absence of a dealer. A unique program that generates random numbers determines the outcome of the gambling process in the roulette online version. However, plenty of modern establishments offer passionate fans of this game a fascinating format of free roulette with live dealers. Such an option allows users to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a land-based casino, communicate with employees and other gamblers. 

The player acts as an opponent of the gaming institution. The goal is to guess in which slot the ball will stop moving. The round begins after the previous chips are removed from the table, and the winners are paid.

Each variation of free online roulette contains a brief reference with the basic rules, and bets are made by the punter before pushing the “Start” button. 

Roulettes Free Winning Tips

Roulette Art Picture

Taking into account the risky nature of all gambling activities, roulette included, pro gamers prefer to follow specific tips on how to avoid bankruptcy and stay in the black:

  • Set limits of your bankroll. You must determine the amount of money you can spend on free roulette online sessions. In the virtual version of the game, rounds are fast, so it is advisable to keep at least 1,000 bets in your bankroll. 
  • Average rate. Minimum or average stakes will help you to keep your bankroll longer. It is preferable to divide it into two unequal parts – for instance, spend 75% on equal chances, and use another 25% for aggressive gambling session that may fetch you the most considerable profit. This is a roulette free play strategy with moderate risk.
  • Stop loss (Stop Loss). This method represents an effective way to limit your losses. The exact limit of loss hinges upon the amount of your deposit. During one roulette free game, it is advisable to spend no more than a tenth of your bankroll.

The prevailing number of winning strategies for casino roulette is based on the theory of probability and mathematical calculations.

Playing Roulette Game at Live Casino

The principle of playing roulette in the “Live Dealer” section does not differ from the gaming process in real-life casinos. Interestingly, the NetEnt company was the first one to provide punters with free roulette games with live dealers.

Overall, the round’s outcome is determined when the gambler hits the “Start” icon. During the round, they see a graphical representation of the wheel rotation. 


Where can I find an online roulette Canada casino?
Canada is replete with top-rated virtual casinos, so it won’t take up much of your time to find a high-quality resource offering you to push your luck at roulette. 
Is it possible to play roulette online for free?
Of course. On the web, there is a realm of roulettes casinos, free demo versions of which will help every interested gamer to learn the ropes of this exciting game.  

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