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Not every gambling game presented in modern virtual casinos can boast of a thousand-year history. The craps casino game is just that rare case. It is an engaging game, the essence of which consists in the players alternately throwing one or several dice and further counting the falling out points. The origins of the online craps, as well as its standard version, go back to the history of Ancient Egypt. Finally, the game of craps was formed at the beginning of the XVII century in the US, and during the Second World War, it became widespread around the globe. To date, craps are considered one of the most popular gambling table games, both in brick-and-mortar gambling institutions and in web-based casinos.

Types of Craps Online

Earlier, the fans of the game of craps distinguished two examples of this gambling activity: the one with a bank and the open type. The rules of these two types of casino craps games were invented by John Wynne in the early XX century. Even though for the present, venturesome players know not two, but four variations of craps, many casinos offer to play this game only according to the rules established by Winn.

When playing craps, the gambler can choose the type that they find most interesting: 

  • private game;
  • dice game with a bank;
  • New York craps; 
  • open game of craps.

How to Play Craps 

According to the rules of craps online, the game is played at a special large table with two six-sided cubes – dice.

Craps Game Original Art

The free craps game (or its money-fetching option) starts with the dealer offering participants to roll the dice by turns clockwise. The person who throws the dice is called the shooter. Depending on what number of points the shooter gets after rolling the dice, the win or the loss is determined.

According to the rules of the dice game, the table itself has a specific layout that divides it into a large number of betting areas. Participants can only make stakes for a certain amount of time, after which the dice are shoot. 

In each bet, a certain amount of the numbers that fall out plays a crucial role. Thus, the appearance of the numbers 2, 3, 7, 11, and 12 has a particular meaning. For example, if you play craps online and you bet on the shooter’s win (Pass Line bet), then the falling out of 7 or 11 points will fetch you a prize. However, if during this bet, the numbers 2, 3, or 12 emerge, you will lose.  

Under the rules of free online craps, the falling out of the sum of 7 points is the most important. In case the player placed a Pass Line bet and 7 came out in the first shooting, it reaps you off a prize. If the gambler got 7, and he/she previously made a Don’t Pass Line bet (on the shooter’s loss), it means he/she lost. In all subsequent dice rolls, the winning will be calculated according to the directly opposite rules.

When playing free craps online, remember that there are two main options for the course of the game: victory or defeat. The player places a bid, after which the shooter throws the dice. The combination of digits is a number that determines the win or loss. 

Free Craps: Other Combinations 

If, after the first roll at the craps casino game, the sum of the numbers received is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the round continues, and the number is counted as the Point. On the sector corresponding to this number, the chip with the inscription “On” is placed. The game continues until the Point, or the number 7 falls out again. When it happens, the chip with the inscription “Off” is put on the table, ending the round.  

Play Craps Online: Benefits

Even a fleeting glance at a set of rules of the free craps game, as well as the dice game for money, allows you to figure out that this gambling entertainment has a complex system of bets. And, when playing craps at one of the real-life casinos, a novice gambler will quickly get confused and lost in a vast number of nuances. Enjoying craps online for free or for money, in its turn, endows you with an opportunity first to learn the ropes of the game and then start risking your bankroll. Besides, among the host of web-based versions of the dice game, you will easily find options with a simplified structure and rules. 


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